I7 860 cooling issue

Hi guys,

I've bought some new hardware and installed it yesterday:

asus p7p55d-e deluxe
i7 860
8gb ram corsair dominator

The problem now is the cpu's temperature. It's about 55°C / 130°F when idle. Checked the temp with asus software, core temp, speedfan. all four cpus are about at the same temp, with sometime 1° difference.

I've checked if the heatsink is correctly plugged, and if the artctic silver is properly applied. Yes, all four plugs are correctly plugged into the mobo!

I've got a thermaltake lianli, 2x120 mm fans on the door blowing directly at the mobo, and one on the back blowing the air out, so to say i had no problems what so ever about cooling.

So what is the problem with the cpu ? Is it a manufacturing defect ?

Thanks for your time, a lot.

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  1. sounds like u didnt put the heat sink on right make sure the heat sink is on tight and not moving around
  2. Alright sam233 I had an issue similar to yours. Now are you running the STOCK HSF, or An aftermarket one, such as a Coolermaster Hyper 212, or such?
  3. I have the same cpu as you do with the zalman CNPS 10x extreme(decent cooler) and i idle around 31C to 32C @ 3.1Ghz. I would double check that your heatsink is properly seated. And always remember that too much or too little thermal paste can cause heat problems as well.
  4. You're definitely running hot. And I agree with the others who have suggested a problem with your heatsink. But we could use some more information. As already requested, are you using the stock heatsink or an aftermarket HSF? Are you OCed? Have you made any changes at all to the BIOS settings?

    Also what is the ambient temperature around your PC?

    I was idling at 25 C on the stock fan with ambient temperatures around 20 C.
  5. I just noticed this thread was started on 12/29. It looks like it was dead until mcghee picked it up today and it started getting attention.

    Sam, let us know if you're still having a problem. And if you found a solution, what was it?
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