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Hello, looking for a card to buy i decide to compare my atual system (amd x2 5000+, MB gigabyte m61pmes2, 2gb ram) to others systems using 3Dmark06.
Since i just play flight simulator 2004 version, my actual system is good to fly whith good quality and fps, about 25-30 fps but i´d like to do an upgrade buying an 8400gs card.
My actual gpu, a 6150SE gives me 384 benchmarks, an 8400gs whith the same configuration (cpu and ram) about 1500 benchmarks. So, i´m thinking to buy an 8400gs. If i do this, have i gain a significant improve in FPS and quality?
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  1. Yes, as I think the 6150 is an integrated card, that will yield a pretty big jump even though a 8400 is a fairly low end card. I assume your budget is in the $30 USD range? Be sure to check out other cards in the $30-40 if you can (and compare benchmarks) as you may be able to get a newer and faster card for only $5-10 more. Unfortunately I'm not completely familiar with all of them so I don't know which is best in that range, but maybe check out ones like the 9500 or 4550 (one generation newer).

    But to answer your question, yes that upgrade will improve you FPS and probably even quality a respectable amount. My suggestions above are just to make sure you get the best possible if you'd like to spend the time doing some more research.
  2. Ok, but I live in Brazil and even an 8400gs card is not cheap, so i think i have to research some more time. Knowing that i can improve my fps and image quality make me happy :) Thank you!
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