Advice for new system build!

Hey all you gamers (i assume) :)

So after my laptop decided to commit suicide with me at the keyboard, i have decided to get a new. This time its gonna be a desktop, meant for gaming and some odd photoshop coloring (wacom tablet and so on)

So what do you guys think abt this build!

OCZ, PSU 600W ModXStream Pro (modular cabels) ATX, Active PFC. 150x160x86mm

Asus, P7P55D LE Socket1156 DDR3 ATX

Intel, Core i5-750 2660MHz LGA1156 8M Boxed CPU

Kingston, 8GB DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz CL9

XFX, ATI HD5870 1GB DDR5 DUAL DVI TV PCI-E 850Mhz core 4.8Ghz mem

Western Digital, Caviar GreenPower 500GB HDD IntelliPower min.5400rpm 3.0Gb/s se

BenQ, 24" W TFT G2412HD Full HD 1920x1080 - 40000:1 - 5ms/2ms(GTG) D-sub / DVI-D

Is this a build that seems sensible? I am thinking about the motherboard for example, im not gonna OC but would it make a big difference to get a better one?

And the harddrive, i tried to find some reviews, but couldent... Is this a bad harddisk/drive, for this system?

Hope u guys can help, gonna buy next week or so (when the get the HD5870 in stock.

PS. Im from denmark and my budget is 2400USD.
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  1. its a low power low speed drive a caviar black or samsung f3 would be better try and get cl8 or cl 7 ram
  2. I changed the HDD to black edition sp a normal 7200rpm drive. I also changed the motherboard to a Deluxe version instead.

    Now my question is, IS there any reason to get that motherboard if i am NOT overclocking?? Or shud i spend the cash on sum ram instead...
    Is the difference even something i will notice if i get 8gb cl7 instead of cl9
  3. As long as you don't build AMD, you're fine.
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