Asus i5 - Seemingly Random Shutdown

All, I recently built a system with the following components, running XP 64-bit

Asus P7 1156 chipset
Intel i5
Corsair 750

The operating system load went well, I updated the drivers for my components, and installed the windows updates.

When running the ASUS auto-tuning the system occasionally just shutdown, and rebooted and picked up from there, it was as if it were supposed to do that, however, since then the PC has shut down in the same fashion, and restarted at seemingly random times

There is this Asus express gate that says it's not installed on startup, but I'm not sure I really want to install it, since the file is like 600 MB, and looking at what it does, I don't really want it

The problem is I am not getting any information after the restart as to what is responsible for the random shutdown, is there any logs I can look into?

What steps can I take to debug this problem?

I can't rule out a hardware problem, but my CPU temps are not a factor, they are consistently cool when the shutdowns occur. The video card has undergone some stress in another computer, but seems to be working fine, I was playing BIOShock on Ultra settings, and it all worked great

My guess is that there is a software issue, since the shutdowns don't seem to be correlated to system stress.

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  1. Thank you for the post. I just built a system a few days and also experiencing RANDOM shut downs. Just this evening, ran into a corrupt disk and had to reinstall the whole OS again.

    My current specs are:
    P7P55D Asus Mobo
    Intel i5 Core 2.66 GHz
    4 x 2 GB Corsair DDR3 1600
    MSI 1 GB motherboard
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
    640 GB SATA boot disk (w/ ample room)

    This is getting annoying. I have ordered another video card to extend beyond two monitors as well as Arctic Air cooler, since the Intel's fan is quite noisy.

    I am not sure what to make of the random reboots. I will check again.

  2. I have new information, as I have been unable to solve the issue for a couple months, my new post in this problem is :

    I haven't gotten any responses on this issue yet
  3. baskint said:
    Thank you for the post. I just built a system a few days ...

    The basic rule here is one problem per thread. You should start your own thread and ask for help, but I'll give you a headstart. :)

    When you post your system specs, include the power supply. PSU is very important. For example, a generic, POS (Piece of Sh!t) PSU can cause all kinds of problems, including random reboots - especially during gaming.

    walnutmon, have you tried a 32 bit XP installation to eliminate the possibility of of a buggy 64 bit installation?
  4. I addressed the issue and what I've done with OS systems in the more recent thread that I linked just above, I'd appreciate it if you could look at that thread, since this one is fairly old

    but to answer your question directly, I did a full install of Windows 7 64-bit and the problem persisted
  5. Sorry. I did look at the thread, but I missed the OS comments.

    It's a long shot, but you could strip everything out of the case and breadboard the system to eliminate the case. It will look something like this:
    You can turn on the PC by shorting the two pins that the case power switch goes on.
  6. I would attempt a bread-board, but it seems likely that the issue is a hardware failure, and not a case failure, since if it was shorted it would fail at all times, or fail when the case was moved etc, but I have moved the case while on and had no problems
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