[ASK} laptop compaq m2000 using 1tb hard drive

It is maybe silly question:

I have compaq m2000, I plan to buy a bigger hard drive,

Can I buy 1 Tb hard drive for my laptop..?

you know my laptop is an old laptop..

what is maximum capacity of hard drive for my laptop?
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    I can't answer your question, but you would need to find out whether your hardware is subject to a 28-bit LBA limitation, in which the maximum HDD size would be 128GiB (= 137GB).

    Another thing to consider would be the interface type (SATA or PATA). If your original drive is PATA, then I don't believe you will find one in a 1TB capacity.

    Other things to look for are power consumption. If your original drive spins at 5400 RPM, then a 7200 RPM replacement may run down the battery more quickly, and it may generate significantly more heat.
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  3. thanksa lot
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