Desperate need of help - i7 920 OC

Please please help !

So basically I am experiencing system freezes randomly while playing games or idle, doesn't matter which.

I had this system 100% stable with a 24 hour prime test only two weeks ago. Only two things have changed:
I got my 7970, and I moved my pc to my new house. So I tried messing around with every voltage and setting I could to get my 4 GHz stable again when the system started to freeze (there is no BSOD).
Now I am running my system at safety defauts, my RAM is 1066, my CPU is 2.66 GHz....basically everything is auto, I even droped the overdrive OC on the GPU, though I really doubt this is the issue.

My specs are in my sig, please if you can give any advice on what this may be, have I pushed too hard? I'm just going to buy a 2500k if this keeps up...

No problem if you need any more info!!!

Thanks in advance,
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  1. What cpu cooler do you have? what voltages did you try? What temps were you getting? more info.
  2. I have the i7-920 DO and it is OCed to 3.82 GHz; very stable. I know that CPUs will vary depending on die location on the silicon wafer.

    I OCed mine to 4.0 GHz and after running it at 4.0 I decided to back it down to 3.82 which in itself is a nice overclock.

    Since you are quite familiar with overclocking, why not start over and OC until you start to have problems? Then back down a little.
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