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I have 2 PCs connecting wirelessly to a Linksys BEFW11S4. Currently, I have SSID enabled, and the PCs automatically connect to the network when they're turned on.

I'd like to disable the SSID, but whenever I do that, the PCs don't automatically connect to the network like they did before. In fact, they can't see it (since SSID is disabled), and I can't connect at all.

Is this normal?

I'm using Window's default configuration to find, cunfigure, and connect to wireless networks. I don't want to use Linksys's connection utility (which, I'm not sure if it even exists for XP).

Is there any way to have SSID disabled, and have the computers automatically connect to the wireless network, like they used to do before?

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  3. You need to go into the driver settings for your network card and manually set the SSID in there if the network won't be broadcasting one. DOn't even ask how nicely I screwed up my system reminding myself of that fact. :)
  4. Thanks for the info etp777. I can do all this on my laptop card, but the wireless usb adapter, WUSB11 from Linksys, doesn't have SSID selection in its properties. Would a new driver fix this?

    Anyone here with the current WUSB11 driver? Can you tell me if you can select SSID under the device's properties in "Device Manager?"

  5. Right click on My Network Places and go to properties. Then right click on your Wireless Network and go to View Available Networks. Then click on Advanced. Make sure your network is listed under preferred networks at the bottom. If it is not, click on Add and fill in the correct information.
  6. You can set the SSID of the connection in the default properties in the WLAN Monitor utility for the WUSB11.
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