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I got MSI a600 laptop from officedepot .It come with win7 32 bit. Can any one tell me How can i upgreate to 64 bit Os? I heard from somone that you can do it free .Is that true? Thank you for help
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  1. I doubt they will... but try contacting Office Depot and see if they will give you a 64 bit Windows 7 disk...

    If not, you will have to buy a copy.
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    the Windows Key that you get is not architecture dependent (a serial key will work for both versions). Just make sure to deactivate your previous OS before activating the new one.
  3. Thank you
  4. You only get multiple keys with the retail versions, not OEM versions
  5. You don't get multiple keys with retail versions either, unless you buy multiple copies. As arges86 said, with retail copies you get one serial that works for both 32 and 64 bit media.
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