Need help with building my rig!

Hey guys. I wanted to build a rig on my own for a change and learn more about PCs. Also i've just recently got back into gaming and everything that i got is worthless when it comes down to it. I understand its cheaper to build your own rig than to buy. I want the best components for it but don't know anything about what I need and how to go about installing everything. *note i am not comupter savvy =( but am learning currently.
I did however just bought a GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R motherboard & i7-930 processor. (wondering if i made a good choice, will it work well togther?)
I need everything else. Any ideas? Can someone give me a list of components that they have or ideas for builds? Preferably a list and a short description why .
LOL i might be asking for a lot of help, but if somone has the time please help me, i dont want to make the wrong choice on a product.
Thanks guys =)
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  1. Go 1/3 down the page; there is wealth of info available at TH that you can read much faster than you could get in general answers in the THFs. After reading that, ask the questions specific to the components you believe are your best choices.
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