Will these adapaters work for Eyefinity?

Strongly considering getting two more monitors to take advantage of HD 5870 Eyefinity.

Got a question about adapters, etc.

Here is the monitor type: http://www.newegg.com/Product/..._-24-005-127-_-Product

Both monitors inlcude VGA cables, but I need DVI. From what I've seen, DVI to VGA adapters are considerably cheaper than DVI cables.

I have two DVI outputs on the HD 5870. I already have one DVI to VGA adapter that came with my motherboard, haven't had any issues with using it so far.

I have to buy an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter for Eyefinity: http://accessories.us.dell.com...dhs&cs=19&sku=330-5521

Can I plug a DVI to VGA adapter onto that without issue?

I found these super cheap, which makes me slightly suspicious, adapters on eBay. Do they seem like they would work?

Also, is there any performance difference between DVI, HDMI, VGA, etc.?

Thanks! Hopefully all this makes sense...
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  1. none of the links work
  2. HibyPrime said:
    none of the links work

    For some reason, my links tend to not work on these forums. I copy 'em straight from the browser and paste 'em into the thread...?


    the monitor: LG W2753V-PF 27" look it up on NewEgg.com

    the active adapter: R478G look it up on Dell.com

    the DVI to VGA adapter: keywords, "DVI to VGA adapter" on eBay. There are tons of them that are in the $5 range, which kinda' makes me wonder about quality...

  3. Im not sure that adapter will work with a DVI to VGA convertor. The spec doesnt say if its DVI-D or DVI-I connector on the end?

    If its DVI-D, which I think it may well be, then the DVI to VGA adapter wont even fit on it.
  4. Why scew up a perfectly good digital signal from DVI, which you are spending money to produce, only to ram it through a crappy analog VGA lowest common denominator POS? Between the monitors, the graphics card, and the active converter, your into this for the better part of $2000 bucks already. Just spend the extra 20 and get some DVI cables, and avoid degrading your signal or possibly causing eyefinity problems by ramming a good signal through a lousy analog connection like VGA. These are nice monitors, and a nice graphics card. Shell out for the correct cables, bro.
  5. the only poblm i can see is that can vga handle the output of 1920x1080?

    i do agree that the best way would be to just buy DVI-D cables and not have to worry about the adapters.

    i got mine from amazon
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