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I have an old computer. I have kept it updated and it actually still runs perfectly. But, it is about 8 years old and would just like to upgrade and give my son my current computer.

My wife bought me a Q9550 for Xmas this year. From what I am reading, it's a nice CPU, etc. But, for the price, would it make more sense to exchange it for the i7-860 or i7-920? I mean, there is only about a $40 difference in price.

I just want to do what makes the most sense. Is the LGA 775 at the end of its rope? Am I severly limiting myself if I go with the Q9550?

I mostly use the computer for everyday use. I don't play games on it as much as I used to since I got a PS3 (that and had to grow up and quit playing games all the time). So, if I just stick with what I have, will it last me another 5+ years?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. You need to figure a total budget for the upgrade. You may need a new power supply and memory. DDR3 isn't much more than ddr2, so it would be preferable. Socket 775 ddr3 boards are available. But I wouldn't spend more than $40 for the swap. The 9550 will last you several years. And the x38 or x48 chipset boards have come down in price.
  2. Thanks o1die,

    I have been looking at the different boards I can put this processor in. They are pretty reasonable. $125-$150 (US) and about $225 if I go with SLI. I don't think I need that kind of power, however...just thought that maybe I should go with that in the event I wanted to upgrade in the future.

    It just seems for every positive I find about one board, there's 10 negatives. So, it's making this whole decision making process very difficult.
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    Q9550 is good quad core for the socket 775 - yes they are nearing the end of the development for socket 775 (last decent chipset = P45 / Intel) however your Q9550 and 4 GB of RAM will server you well for many years to come as software house have yet to catch up with Quad Core CPU's and as a result most software wont use all four cores.

    Forget SLI or crossfire - most cases a single fast video card performs better that two slower ones in SLI / Crossfire.

    Ii7's are very impressive (i5's too) but you need to change your mobo / RAM / PSU for what in day to day use will not be massively noticable to most users performance wise.

    I would go for a new mobo and RAM to use with your Q9550
  4. Thanks Ulysses...I think you're on the money =)

    Thanks for helping me figure it out...

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