Sony laptop will not boot after dropping it

The harddrive comes on, but does not boot up. Black screen. The battery will charge. Is there a way to run diagnostics or anything to find out what needs fixed or replaced?
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  1. You most likely knocked the Ram loose or one of the connections to the monitor could of come loose too.

    Good Luck
  2. Do all the lights that normally come on when turning your computer on turn on or does it seems dead, and do actually hear the hard drive spinning up if you do try plugging an external monitor into your VGA or DVI port and using the display switch key on your keyboard. If it works then a connector in your monitor either came loose or the monitor is shot and needs to be replaced. If this doesn't work check the manual to figure out how to get to the memory bay, once there check to see if the memory sticks came loose like Saaiello had said. If they are pull them out and reinsert them per your User's manual instructions.

    Let us know how it works out.
  3. Do you get the manufacturer logo screen "Bios screen" to come up when you turn it on? If the bios screen does not come on you have big issues. If it does then your hard drive is broke.
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