Front panel audio jack doesnt work! PLEASE HELP

ok, so i just built my gaming i5 build a couple weeks ago and everything went well besides my front panel audio.
So the problem is really wierd. i plug in headphones into the jack and the computer doesnt even recognise that they have been plugged in like the back audio jacks. i messed around with HD audio manager for awhile playing the sounds and everything but the sounds comes through my moniter speakers and 1 of my headphone speakers. so i dont think its wired right or something

Motherboard: P55M-UD2 LGA1156
Case: Cooler master storm scout

alright this is what i did to set up the audio. so the case comes with 2 options with the front panel audio connection: AC'97 or HD audio. i plugged in the HD because that looked a lot better. and thats prety much it. was i suppose to plug in AC'97? And i plugged it into the F_audio thing on the MOBO.

All of the front pannel USB ports and eveything else seems to be working ok except the audio jack, oh and ive never seen the HDD light on either...
i cant think of any info im missing, so if you guys happen to want to help me and you need some info. then ill reply back.

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated! i reallly want this jack to work correctly.

-Thanks :wahoo:
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  1. plug the front panel audio connection: AC'97 into the front panel jack on the motherboard see ur motherboard manual for instructions :P
  2. does it have to be the AC'97?
  3. If your motherboard has an HDA port and an AC'97 port, try using the AC'97 port and see if you get sound output, you may have a problem with the motherboard, if you can plug in the AC'97 connector and get sound but swap it for the HDA connector and get nothing you may have an issue with your motherboard.

    To fix the HDD light, LED's are polarity sensitive, flip the connector on the motherboard around and it should work perfectly.
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