Samsung T240HD - WORTH IT?

HI forum,

I have been offered a Samsung T240HD monitor/TV

from a friend for around 230 euros, second hand. I am desperate for a monitor to go with my i5/5850 build. Retail price where I live is around 330 euros (incl postage). Here's a list of approx prices of 24" monitors:

New 24" monitors are quite espensive, and I'm afraid only this size would do justice my rig.

The fear I've got (knowing little about monitors) is the fact it's also a TV. Does this compromise playing monitor quality? For that price, if its a good monitor for gaming, the TV would be a nice extra.

I need to make a quick decision, any help?
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  1. I am currently using one of these monitors and am loving it, but dont take my word for it here is an awesome review of it.


    ***Edit*** The monitor is exactly the same as the monitor / tv combo which is what your looking at, but this review is for the monitor only version
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