My computer died

Can someone help me with this problem? My computer died. When I would turn it on it would boot through the POST and then it would say scanning HD. At that point the screen would go blank except for the blinking courser in the corner. I replaced the hard drive with a new used one. I placed it in the computer with the windows XP cd. I reformatted the hard drive and then started to load windows xp. It copied the files and then launched windows. After just a few seconds the computer froze. I zeroed the drive with a progam from wd. I tried again and the exact thing happened. Is this a problem with MOB?
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  1. Could be the MB, or the memory.
  2. PhilFrisbie said:
    Could be the MB, or the memory.

    HI Phil

    I have 2 memory modules in the computer and removed each separately without success. I doubt both went bad simultaneously.
  3. Did you try a different Sata cable to hard drive just in case?
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