Good SSD Choice?

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  1. I reviewed both the SSD and the motherboard and the Corsair Force 3 will work with your motherboard.

    I would make sure you update your Firmware to the latest version. If available, I would recommend going with the Crucial m4 instead. The newer Sandforce 2200 controller has been plagued with random BSOD. Sandforce has issued a recent update but no guarantee it has fixed it. Crucial drives have been pretty reliable.
  2. That is the best I can find.
    Here's the link to the translated site:

    Maybe someone else will have more luck, also it has to be around 700 Lei(150$ or so)(Will go 1000lei but that's 200$ so I'd have to be nice)
  3. Actually.
    I've been lurking around and I've found

    This MOBO has an SSD included, it has 20GB.Windows 7 has what, 7 GB? That leaves me 8 GB free for stuff.(Also 5 backup GB).
    More then enough.

    My only concerne, will it perfom like a normal SSD? or below?
  4. Guys?
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