My computer is having some weird problems

With my new rig put together and running, well kinda, it has had a handful of problems just trying to keep it stable. I have already found out that my PSU has a short in one of the cords, but have found it and made a temporary fix on that until RMA. But with stable power now, I was able to use my computer like normal and do things on it at the start of this weekend. Then I left for a night and when I got back and turned on my computer, these things happened:

1. I hit the Power button and the computer turned on on the first try. (YAY!!!) It started like it should and I logged in and opened iTunes. Then BAM...... BSODed right then and there.
2. Restarted after the BSOD and decided to start windows normal thinking maybe it was just a one time thing. Then when I logged back in, before the desktop showed, It just locked yup. The screen was all messed up with lines the color of my background and all sorts of just messed up colors. Then it shut itself off.
3. Restarted again and set the BIOS to Fail-Safe Defaults and then booted. Then my computer did a couple of power cycles and then it stayed on but nothing appeared. So I hit the RESET switch and it started. This time when I logged in the screen went black and it turned off.
4. The fourth thing was a repeat of number 2.
5. This is the last try and the computer finally booted and I typed this.

I have no idea what could have caused this and I am starting to get really worried that this computer will cause itself permanent damage.

Please help, I love this computer and put my hard earned cash into it!!!!!!
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    I noticed in the specs you wrote this:

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 with F6c BIOS (mobo is used from a friends rig, but was assured it worked)

    Curious as to why your friend changed it out... perhaps it's not as in good as condition as claimed.

    Also you might check the bios to make sure the voltage settings are correct for your CPU. Page 12 of the manual.

    Here's a link if you don't have it.
  2. The mobo deal it his computer started having random crashes where it would just shut down. He suspected it was the mobo so changed it out with a new one, well when that didn't work he put this one back in for troubleshooting and found out the power supply was getting old and needed replacing. So he got the new PSU and put it in and it worked. Since the mobo he ordered was better, he put that one in and gave my the gigabyte. I guess there could be a problem with it but I thinks its ok.

    I went into the BIOS and found out the the vcore was at 1.17 so i did some research and decided to push it up to 1.2. the system seems more stable but like i said in the old thread, i have the restarts even now and then.

    Thank you for the voltage idea, The BSODs are gone but I still have the start problem like i said, but that is with the PSU and it is getting RMAed. I believe that this is solved

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