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Hey everyone.

I've got a Dell GX620 with all stock parts except for the graphics card. I was wondering if Dell's psu wiring or case design has put a limit on what motherboards I can put in it? I was looking at getting the Asus P5G41T-M LX Motherboard but don't want to buy it and find that the cables in from the psu are too short (not a huge deal since I heard I could get extensions) or that the case is shaped in a way that stops me from getting motherboards that aren't from dell.

Has anyone done a motherboard upgrade on this computer? If so, to what motherboard?
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  1. if that's what your board looks like
    you may have a problem, you need to measure your motherboard physically. it says that the dimensiopns of the board you want are 244x200 mm
    thats 9.6 and 7.9 inches make sure that the board you have in there is at least this big. if not, getting a new case shouldn't be too bad:P but let us know and we can help you further
  2. I'll measure it and report back. I was worried about the whole BTX/ATX thing. The motherboard I mentioned is ATX and I read somewhere that the motherboard in the Gx620 is BTX. I don't really know much about mobo formfactors and that so if the sizes match up, would that mean I can use the new motherboard? What I'm asking is, what's the difference between Atx and btx other than size and will my case take an atx motherboard if there's a btx motherboard already in there?
  3. Thanks for the help dickcruz. I'll open another thread for CPU upgrades. A mobo upgrade is too much effort and money at the moment :P
  4. dimensions no bueno?
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    It's all bad, proprietary case and motherboard, limited power supply, you'll be stuck with a 775 pin CPU, and the whole thing is more than three years old... Use what you have and save your money for a major move... Dell 745???
  6. @dickcruz
    Yeah, no luck. The screws on the motherboard won't line up the the ones in the case.
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  8. You can't use an ATX mobo on a BTX case. The slots for the PCI cards are on the other sides and most probably the screws won't match with the holes. BTX are newer format of mobos, although the design is much better than ATX, it is not popular because of the sheer number of ATX systems. But you can buy generic BTX mobos, the only catch is the connector to your front panel. GX620 has proprietary connector, but if you have the time to trace the connections, you can manually wire it to a new generic board.
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