What graphic card should i use for Scarlet 37lg6000?

I want to buy a new desktop to use it as a media center at my Tv which is a Scarlet 37lg6000.
It has 1920x1080 resolution full HD and Contrast ratio of 50,000:1

I want it to be pretty cheap so i'm not gonna use top notch products.

I thinking of using an Intel Celeron E3200 at 2.44Ghz Processor
with an Asus P5k PL AM EPU motherboard

Even though i'm buying it for media purposes i'm not exluding the Games.

So what Graphic card should i use?

I was thinking of using Sparkle GT 220 but after some reading on these forums i realized that its a crap card.

Thanks in advance

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  1. A couple of suggestions would be greatly apreciated.
  2. i do agree that the GT 220 isn't really that good at all.

    it does depend on your budget. if you can, get the ATI HD 5750 (XFX version sells for $140), and will do justice to your display and media center.

    If your budget is lower, let us know how much it is exactly.
  3. what do you wanna do with the system
  4. I want to put this system on my TV in order to see movies via internet. And Maybe even Games every once in a while.

    My budget for the card is 150$

    My while budget is about 400 euros so about 600$
  5. ati 5770 would be a good bet but its $160
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