How to re-connect my DI-624 router

Hello, Bell-Aliant internet service was interrupted in our area for a while and when it came back up, my d-link DI-624 would not function. I did the usual "turn off everything and reboot" routine three times and still nothing. I have spoken with Bell Aliant twice and when I go directly from their modem to the desktop, I can go online but when I configure as usual modem to router to desktop, I get the intermittent message "cable disconnected" and no internet. I have called D-Link tech support 1 877 453-5465 but the support is not free anymore for the DI-624. Is there a fix without paying an arm and a leg?
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  1. Are you using the same cable to connect to the modem to PC as you are Router to PC? Did you try different ports on the router?
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