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Hi - would be v grateful for any help. I recently reinstalled XP on my desktop following a nasty Trojan incident and since then have had no sound. I have a ! by the device in High Definition Audio Bus in Device Manager which says that the drivers aren't installed. I received advice from Arbico relating to the drivers I need - however, I can't seem to install them. I was advised to uninstall them first using 'add/remove programs' (OK, it might have been hardware, I'm a novice) but this didn't work. The guy on support said that the drivers might be corrupt but he didn't know and that I should ask this community.

Can anybody help? Please? I want to hear beautiful music!

Best greetings of the season etc

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  1. This is the error message I get from trying to install the Realtek driver

    "Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure !!
    [Error Code: 0xE0000227]
  2. Hello dobspoon.

    It would likely help a lot if you'd provide the details of your PC as in make, model, etc.

    If you've just reformatted and have an ! in device manager then the drivers simply haven't been installed yet.

    Also are there any other ! visible in your device manager?

    When you do a reformat you have to install all the motherboard drivers.
  3. I also hunted around a bit and it seems there are a lot of folks with issues installing Realtek HD drivers.

    One thing you might try is... In the Device Manager under System devices uninstall the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio then try installing your drivers.

    Another method to try is ..........

    1) Uninstall the Realtek software through Add/Remove Programs (if it's installed but not working)
    2) In Device Manager, remove the high definition audio device under Sound, video & game controllers.
    Now for the part that had me stuck:
    3a) Still in Device Manager, double-click Legacy Audio Drivers
    3b) Click on the Properties tab
    3c) Select any sound device listed here and click the Remove button
    4) Restart Windows and retry the installation.
  4. Hi

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly - really appreciate it.
    The PC is an Arbico jobbie so they've put it together for me. Not a PC World off-the-shelf type. I reinstalled the drivers after putting XP back on but I suspect I may have unchecked one of the Realtek options, thinking I was getting some RealPlayer that'd constantly start up when I booted. That might be my problem. I've tried to reinstall the drivers using the CD but it hasn't helped.

    Regarding your suggestions
    - uninstalling the Microsoft drivers isn't possible as it says there are descendants dependant upon this and the machine won't boot without it.

    - the only Realtek program to add or remove is an ethernet PCI NIC driver which I'm pretty sure I shouldn't remove. This implies that the software hasn't been installed - it does sound as though something off the motherboard CD hasn't been put on as it should (though everything else seems OK)

    Sorry if I'm not giving the info you need - am not that techy though I'm trying to learn!

    Best wishes

  5. OK let me rephrase.......... in order for someone to be of use they generally would need to know hardware specifics such as make/model of motherboard, sound card if applicable etc.

    Can't make sure you have the right drivers if the components are unknown.

    If you don't know what the motherboard is then you should either get the info off the part itself or even easier yet download SIW and run it to get the information....

    In reviewing your initial post I'm also curious when you say you reinstalled XP do you mean as a clean install where you reformatted the hard drive or simply a repair install?

    Reason being if you had nasty trojans as you imply then it's possible some files are corrupt and at times a repair install won't cure that.

    If you did a clean installation and think you might have done something wrong in the process then simply try running a repair install to see if it cures the problem.
  6. Windows Update any help ?
  7. just got a min - but re the drivers I'm pretty sure they're right as I downloaded them with the Arbico support guy on the phone - he picked out the right ones for the motherboard and sound card knowing the set up of the machine. Can look at specifics later - must dash

    windows update will run automatically, no?

    I reformatted the hard drive to install XP so yes, a clean install
  8. Disable onboard sound.
    Check the control panel sound settings.
    Check volume settings. Make sure nothing is muted.
    Check that the speakers are working and properly plugged in.
    Check your application volume settings.
    Try a different slot for the sound card.
  9. Hi evongugg
    Thanks for the thoughts - there is no device installed however and the Realtek drivers on the CD fail in installation. I can't help thinking there's something hanging around from when I ran the motherboard CD after the reinstall of XP which will need to be removed before I can install the drivers. I'm pretty sure I have the right drivers either from the net or on the CD (given that it was supplied with the machine) but they won't install - I get
    'Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure!!'
    at the end of the install process

    My details are as follows

    XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090804-1435 : Service Pack 3)
    Motherboard - is this the model name? AMD RS690 BIOS for GA-MA69VM_S2 F10c

    I saw on another forum that some of the Realtek BIOS stuff had to be deleted before I could do a successful install. Could this be possible?

  10. I would be inclined to download CCleaner and install it as it is a great utility to have onboard your PC anyway.

    After that I would go into device manager and I would delete/uninstall any entry that has anything to do with RealTek.

    I'd then check my directory tree and see if there are any folders named RealTek and I'd delete them.

    Then I would run the CCleaner registry scan tool and allow it to fix any errors it finds.

    After that I would attempt installation of the drivers in question again.

    If that doesn't work it's time to do a repair installation of XP...... XP Repair Install Tutorial
  11. Nope, still didn't work. I uninstalled the Realtek PCI bit, had a look for Realtek, found none, ran CCleaner and reinstalled the above having failed again to do the sound drivers.
    I'll dig out the XP disc and try a repair install.
    Note have also run checkdisk a bit ago as I had a blue screen of death
  12. dobspoon said:
    Nope, still didn't work. I uninstalled the Realtek PCI bit, had a look for Realtek, found none, ran CCleaner and reinstalled the above having failed again to do the sound drivers.
    I'll dig out the XP disc and try a repair install.
    Note have also run checkdisk a bit ago as I had a blue screen of death

    Chris if you're also getting blue screens then it might simply be that your reformat wasn't quite successful.

    I've had occasions where for one reason or another it didn't take properly and doing it again fixed everything.

    Make sure the operating system disk you use is clean as well as the optical drive.
  13. LoneWolf_53 and others - thanks so much for your help. A friend came over and used fixing the computer as a displacement activity meaning he didn't have to look after the kids! He found out that the problem was in the Logitech video camera drivers conflicting with the Realtek audio drivers. Once he'd uninstalled the Logitech stuff he was able to take off the Microsoft sound drivers (previously inaccesible) and then reinstall all of the above in a different order. I was kind of aware that the problem was with the audio drivers not being installed but it wouldn't let me rectify this.

    Hopefully that's the end of it all. As I say, thanks so much for your prompt and helpful suggestions.

    Happy New Year

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