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What's the optimum position of my fans for Phantom 410 case?

Hi everyone,

Hoping to get some advice. I have bought the NZXT Phantom 410 case, and am planning to have it cooled with the case fans in combination with a Corsair H60 water cooler. The Corsair manuals all say to put to radiator and the fan facing the back of the case but it's my understanding that my case has a dedicated spot for this on the top of the case.

Hence my question, what is the best location for my fans and H60?

My hypothesis is to leave the included case fans in their current locations and to place the H60 radiator and fan in the top next the already included 140mm top exhaust fan.

For those not familiar with the case, it has 2 140mm fans at the top, one of which is included and is set for exhaust, it has one rear 120mm fan included also set for exhaust, it has one 120mm fan included in the front set for intake.

The H60 has its 120mm fan and the radiator is 120mm x 152mm x 27mm.

In case this is useful, I have the PSU fan pointing donwards and out of the case, and the graphics card I will have is a MSI 560-GTX Ti Hawk with the Frozer III cooling system from MSI.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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    1. Heat rises
    2. keep a negative pressure in your case (more output than input of air)

    Using these two rules i would keep one fan in the front, with your h60 in push/pull setup at the top. and then have another 140mm in the second top slot.

    down the road you could then add a side fan if you want to get your GFX card some more air.

    also, i would have my psu in-taking air from the bottom and expelling it out of the back of the case.
  2. Right, so keep the 140mm at the top, then the H60 and its fan at the top, keep the 120 at the rear, and the 120 at the front.

    PSU points down and out - that's how it's setup at the moment.

    Have I understood this correctly? :)
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  4. your psu should intake from the bottom not expel through the bottom.
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