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I had this mobo and thought id try the i3-530,gigabytes web site doesnt list the i3 as do the i5-i7's,i did have the i5-750 in this mobo ran fine but got a better board,my issue is after resetting the cmos the task man. shows 4 cores im just wondering if the mobo supports this chip im running the f8 bios also anyone know if its compatable,thanks
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  1. the board is supposed to support the i5 chip, the way you framed your question, i can't really understand much, im sorry. what's with task manager and 4 cores ?
  2. Couple things, I'm not entirely sure about that first sentence, but the i3's are listed as supported CPUs for that board. You can see the entire list here: http://www.gigabyte.us/Support/Motherboard/CPUSupport_Model.aspx?ProductID=3167&ver=

    In particular, your CPU - the i3 530 - is supported as of the F6 BIOS.

    Also, it sounds like you are asking if it is a problem that the task manager "shows 4 cores". No, that's what it is supposed to show. Task manager will display the number of threads your computer can run. Your i3 530 is a dual core capable of HyperThreading (i.e., each core can run 2 threads), so task manager shows 4 "cores". I have an i7 860 which is a quad core capable of HyperThreading, so task manager shows 8 "cores" - i.e. 8 threads.
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