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Corsair h100 or entry level water cooling ?

I have been looking at the corsair h100 for my build but as I would have to mod the top panel to accomidate it and the added cost of the two extra 120 mm fans for the push -pull configuration . I'm up to about $ 180 with shipping and what not . So the question is at this point should I just go with a lower end water cooling set up and if so , what are you recomendations for makes , size and configuration . I have done my homework but the shear numbers of possibilities on the market are staggering at best . all thotts very appreciated ty
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  1. Imo from what ive seen I can only reccomend 3 options, H100, H80 or air cooling (DH-14, silver arrow or phanteks), all depends how much OC'ing your wanting.

    Watercooling is all great but from my experience cleaning the radiator out is a bit of a faf.
  2. Hello rufus_22;

    You're getting close the point where a custom water cooling kit might be a better choice.
    What case are you using?
  3. Personally I'd go for the custom w/c because of the fact that you can expand the loop when you upgrade.

    It may seem a little more complicated and expensive now but in the long run it will be easier.

    You could try one of the EK- Watercooling kits. They come in 120 - 360 sizes with everything you'll need.
  4. +1
    I was thinking one of the kits that run out to a backside radiator.
  5. Hmmm mixed reviews . I have a lian li pc-a70f . I found a youtube vid of a guy that did a mod to the same case that used a big rad with fans in a push pull set up . Im up for doin the mod . Its just which model to go with . I'll check out the EK kits imran_t . The you tube video btw way was called something like roofless business or some thing btw.
  6. Ok . after much searching I think I've decided on the XSPC Rasa 750 Rx240 for $ 169.99 . That being said , I understand that its an entry lvl kit and I'm curious if theres any part of the kit ( ie ) pump , waterblock , etc. that you would reccomend replacing before installing ??
  7. Ask in the overclocking forums, rubix_1011 will be glad to help you. A good kit would be the xspc rasa rx or rs 120/240/360
  8. Yah Im stuck between the rx 240 and 360 right now . Just a matter of how much case mod I want to undertake . Ty for the rubix 1011 ref
  9. Quote:
    Yah Im stuck between the rx 240 and 360 right now . Just a matter of how much case mod I want to undertake . Ty for the rubix 1011 ref

    You can always go with the 120mm setup. The rx120 is a good choice, or something like this: where the rad hangs off the back.
  10. Yah the 120 is my coservative plan . My ambitious plan is sandwich two 240's between 3 banks of 120mm x 2 fans in a fan-rad-fan-rad-fan configuratin . Essentially the rx240 kit + 1 extra 240 mm rad . Mounted on there sides in the top of my case so the intake is on the left panel and the exhaust on the right . What ya think ??
  11. If you were going to build a custom wc loop . Which brand rad would you reccomend ?
  12. Basically I learned stuff a few weeks ago and I haven't fully invested into going with a water cooling setup. For kits as far as it goes, xspc is a great beginning brand, I would recommend you start with one of their entry level kits. Then upgrade the block to a swiftech appogee xt block or something like that later on. Then fully move over to swiftech components. I personally believe a beginner should start with xspc then later on after being more experienced move on to swiftech which is the more expensive stuff. Doing this because swiftech parts are expensive, being an inexperienced user you may break higher end water cooling components.
  13. Hmm good answer . Thats kind of what I've been thinking but wasnt sure if I was right . I appreciate it when someone validates my own thought process lol . I am gonna go with the xspc , likely , the 750 rx 240 + an extra rad and like you said some of the reviews I read / viewed noted the waterblock as lacking in some capacity as well as the pump being slightly weak . Being as the individual waterblocks started at roughly $100 bucks I think I'll take your advice
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  15. Rasa or Raystorm kit is a good buy if you are in the $100-$200 range. Personally, if you can get your hands on the Raystorms, they use the newer EX radiators. Either way, try to shoot for a Raystorm with the EX or Rasa with the RX (unless the RX's are too thick). Rasa kits also come with an RS radiator, which is thin and a bit outdated...still a very good rad though.

    If you are just cooling CPU, Rasa or Raystorm 240 kit will be just fine. If you plan on integrating a GPU, consider a 360 version of the kit - EX or RX would be best choice over RS.
  16. Im lookin at the rasa rx 240 x 2 right now because it will fit in the format Im liking right now . Question : If I get the xspc 750 rx 240 kit and buy another rx 240 rad . Will the stock pump be able to handle the extra load . Ty for the Raystorm info . I'll have a look at that now .
  17. Yeah, but why do you need the extra rad?
  18. I plan to add a loop to the graphics as well , likely sli , and as the rad location is a bit tricky I;d like to install both at the same time .
  19. If you are going with a larger loop, why don't you just build a custom loop from the start? You'd likely end up with a better pump that way. Rasa kit pumps were designed to only run the components in the kit, but many people do run a GPU or 2 with them without issue. I'm just suggesting that with what you are looking to spend, you might consider choosing all your own components.

    You'll also want to plan your radiator space based on total TDP and desired delta.
  20. Yah I see what your saying now . Although tdp and delta are greek to me till I google them lol . I appreciate the direct approach with your input btw . It will save me time in the decision making process . I looked at the Raystorm kit with the $ 22.00 upgrade to the rx rad . The reviews were very positive . I'm all of a week into researching watercooling ( so you understand my confusion in the finer points ) My thotts for a build were largely inspired by a youtube video of a case mod / custom loop based on the same case I have ( lian li pc-a70f ) The video was called roofless business . anywho ty for the input . If you have brand reccomendations for a custom loop please feel free to share your thoughts . Otherwise for the price the Raystorm may be the winner . Ty again
  21. I think water cooling's days are numbered.......

    It's almost ironic that coolers like [the Thermalright Silver Arrow] are becoming available just as processors transition to designs that may ultimately render them unnecessary; even overclocked to 5GHz, an Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K doesn't need anywhere near this level of cooling.

    The Arrow, Phanteks, Hyper 612 PWM, etc provide more cooling than is needed for Sandy Bridge and the need is shrinking not growing. I need a reason to have water inside my electronics and w/ SB that reason has all but vanished vanished for all but the benchmark chasers.
  22. Most people don't watercool as a need- they do it as a hobby. Cars continue to transport people to and from places just fine without modifications, but most people will tell you they do it because of a specific performance want and/or just because they love working on cars.

    I agree that there really isn't a reason you need to watercool- it isn't necessary to reach great overclocks on CPUs these days....but it sure is fun as hell to build a loop.
  23. Well thats a potential game changer . Originally I started looking at wc because most of the good heatsink cpu coolers were huge ( physicaly ) and I didnt like the cluttered case as well as concerns quoted in reviews about crowding memory slots and what not . So is there a noteable benifit in adding watercooling your video card or is that overkill as well ?
  24. There is a significant difference in video card temps vs. CPU temps. You would see fairly similar CPU temps from good air coolers, an H80 or H100 and actual watercooling. However, stock coolers on a GPU usually mean load temps of 65C to upwards of 80C at 100% load.

    With watercooling on a GPU, you would see load temps in the low-mid 40's C as an example. Depends on your loop delta and ambient, though.
  25. Btw , I looked at your Askew build this morning . Very impressive ! Back to me thing . I dont think I'm giving up on the watercooling but I do want better load temps on the cpu . So if that means a true custom loop I'll just take a little longer time with the build process . I'd like to do it quickly but Im in construction and the markets low right now so disposeable income is rare . That all being said I'd like your recomendations for individual components for an internal build custom loop . Looks like a 240 mm will fit nicely in the roof a 360 would put me a 1/2 into the 5.25 bays , ty
  26. Best answer
    Well, watercooling in any fashion isn't likely going to get you much better temps than what you are currently seeing...current CPU's run pretty cool with good air cooling, even when overclocked. It's not to say you wouldn't get a few more C out of watercooling your CPU, but the biggest change you'd see would be in GPU load temps. I've had people see 80C on a card with stock air cooling at load, and then see 40C at load with water cooling...that's a massive difference.

    So, the big question is (if I missed it, prior) what CPU (and OC speed, if any) and what GPU(s) are you looking to cool?

    What case?

    Only internal mount of all gear? Or maybe external rad?

    Overall watercooling budget...including drop-dead limit?
  27. Im a buy it once type . So ill spread this build over the next year to have what I feel is best . I realize it will become antiquated sooner than not but I want to replace only what becomes neccessary . I'm looking at the i7 2600k . Internal rad . I have a lian li pc-a70f case . $500 on wc and I have questions on gpu's now that Im planning on wc'ng them . Also , the cpu was likely going to be the last purchase . Any word on when the ivybridges will drop and are they 1155 compatable . Ty for all the input your providing .
  28. Quote:
    I have questions on gpu's now that Im planning on wc'ng them

    Well, until you know what you are going to use, it's hard to suggest rads.
  29. Ivy Bridge should be arriving in the next few months; April 8th is a tentative release date. Ivy Bridge will be compatible with the 1155 motherboards; looking at your other posts, I believe you have a Z68 motherboard? You'll be fine; remember that Ivy Bridge is just a "tick" in the Intel cycle, meaning it will be a minor revision. The biggest features on Ivy Bridge are a 77W max TDP, and PCIe 3.0 native support.

    I would like to know what you plan to use your computer for; unless you're doing video rendering or a similarly processor-intensive application, the i5-2500k is a great way to save $100 with very similar performance to the i7, which you could put towards a better GPU, or just $100 more in your pocket.

    What do you want to know about GPUs?
  30. closed loop cooling systems suck at least for old megahalems rev. b is working fine for me in push/pull configuration.custom watercooling is best option otherwise go with a high end air cooler.thermalright and noctua coolers are dead silent and awesome performers!
  31. My build is primarily for gaming . I was sold on the i5 2500k but as this build is going to take a while I anticipated the 2600k comming down in price ahead of the ivybridge release . My questios on gpu's is w/c specific . Where I'll be removing the stock cooling ( cowling , fan , etc ) to mount to the gpu waterblock . What card if any is a good pick as in good performance but not throwing away the best part of the unit . Not sure if I'm articulating this well lol . I think im going nvidia btw . Im still planning on w/c . So if custom is the way to go I'll like any picks on brands and rad sizes and configuration . As previously noted a 240 fits nicely a 360 is tight . ty all
  32. please list your case,gpu and case fans at the moment.240mm will do fine for cpu but if you want to add gpu then 360mm is the way to go.
  33. Im at the very beginning of my build so all I have at this point is a lian li pc-a70f and a scythe 120 mm case fan for additional case venting . The case comes stock with two 140 mm intakes and two 120 mm exhaust fans at the rear . If I use a 360 mm rad I have to lose the top 120 exhaust fan as well as the 3 bay rear hd rack which is not a problem as Ill still have 7 slots in the front and the triple rad/fan coniguration will more than make up for the lost 120 . I was looking at nvidia 560ti twin frozers untill the watercooling option came into play . I plan to go sli when finances permit .
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