Format and re install W-7?

this is how it sits as of now in my sys.

C/ window 7---on a intel x-25m 80gb
E/ FSX flight sim-----on a intel x-25m 80 gb
G/ movies mics. on a 1tb hhd

I want to format the 2 intel ssd's 80 gb... but how i tryed useing intel toolbox secrue erase, did not work, people say to use hhderase 3.3 but it dosen't even open,
can i just use disk management ?.. this is getting to be a pain for me and my level of exp.

I have a new corsair force 3 120 gb ssd i want to install for my FSX drive? y/n
witch leave me with 2 intel 80gb.. that i was going to use for window's-7

or should i put the 2 intel x-25 in raid 0 160gb for fsx
And the new 120 gb for windows-7
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  1. Definitely use the new Corsair for Windows.

    Not only is it better and faster, but a game RARELY even uses the drive its on. It initially LOADS the main game, then has occasional level loads. That's a waste of the SSD's potential.

    The other issue is you can't update the firmware on RAID0.

    So, I recommend you:

    1) update the firmware on your new Corsair if necessary
    2) CLONE Windows to the new Corsair
    3) Insert the Intel SSD's in non-RAID configuration to update the firmware if necessary
    4) RAID0 the Intel SSD's if you want, your choice
    5) Install your game to the Intel SSD's
    6) Backup Windows on a regular basis (weekly?). I do it daily using Acronis True Image; it is an AUTOMATIC process (ATI is $50). Periodically delete all but the last three backups to save space.
  2. that the thing with this game (flight simulator) its not like others it is constantly loading autogen tree/houses/car/streets/light...thats why the ssd is great for it.. im guessing that the way you said it, that the corsair force 3 120gb is faster

    my problem is wipin the intel ssd's all the programs ive tryed dont work should i just use disk managemet
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