Inspiron 1520 with Western Digital Scorpio Blue 320gb

thank you so much to anyone that helps me, I'm not sure what to do.

I have an inspiron 1520 laptop. My hard drive crashed so I purchased a Western Digital SATA 2.5" 320gb hard drive. I am new at this but I installed it computer recognizes it in the BIOS as 320 gb. Loaded my original disks starting with the media driver (worked) then on to my windows xp home, it goes through many steps then at the end it says "STOP: 00001211 unknown driver error" (or something very similar) When I called western digital they say it is because my computer used to have an 80 gb hard drive and I need a new driver or something to support the larger HDD from Microsoft? They think I can download this from Microsoft but they have been no help. Does anyone know what I need to make this new 320 gb hdd work with windows xp home, service pack 2? thanks so much!!!
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  1. You can download SP3 and slipstream your installation CD updating the i386 directory and then making a new image and burning OR since you have a valid XP registration code, download a ready made XP-SP3 ISO complete and burn that. Strange, I thought the 150gb limit was an SP1 issue and fixed in SP2 but anyways, tell me how you fare.
  2. thanks so much for your reply. that sounds like a great idea. sorry to bug again but I'm trying to get the xp service pack 3 burned to a disk through my husband's laptop which is using windows 7. when I go to download the option does not pop up to save it to disk so I just click run and when it gets to the last step it says it's not compatible with the os. does anyone know how to just save it to the desktop or somewhere so I can turn around and burn it to disk? thanks in advance for any help!
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    On the page, right click the link and click on "Save Link Target As...", that should open the browse disk and ask you where to save it OR save it in the default save directory. I think windows 7 tends to save it in My Documents - Downloads by default, check there.
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  5. thanks very much! I will let you know how it goes! :)
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