Changed from 780i to 750i and RAM Score decreased??

I had 5.9 in windows vista and 7.4 in windows 7 for my 4GB of Kingston Hyper X RAM. However, i replaced my XFX 780i with a ASUS P5N-D 750i and now i get 5.4??? Whats up there?? Running with a Q6600.
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  1. The WEI tool in Windows Vista and 7 does not measure speed - It measures the throughput of the entire subsection, with additional weight given to quantity. It is NOT a measure of the speed of the DIMMS you have installed.
  2. ^+1, the WEI it's not a good system to now the score of your rig. If you really want know that, use another software like 3D marck, PC mark...
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