Strange noises from HDD.

Oh what fun. I carted my rig into another room to link it up with my HDTV. Worked perfectly. Carted it back, plugged it in to my old monitor, worked perfectly.

This morning the HDD is making weird noises that it hasn't made in the month I've owned the thing. I'm not sure I should say what kind of noises - probably won't mean much - but the point is that the HDD hasn't made any loud or even moderate noises the whole time I've been using it until now.

Logically - I could assume that moving my rig 15 metres or so has caused the problem. I could also surmise that it is coincidence, or that it's the Gremlins.

1. So, what could have caused the HDD to act this way? I have looked at the faq from the manufacturer - doesn't help.
2. I'm going to use Crystal Disk Info to take a look at the HDD - Can you suggest a better software tool?
3. Is there anything I can do to the actual hardware? (i.e reconnect) that will help it?
4.The HDD is different from the below rig. It's a WD Caviar Blue 64mb/s blah blah fish paste. It is only a month old and I still have the receipt - do I need to take the HDD to the shop to prove its faulty when asking for a replacement?

Please note that at this time I'm supposed to be working - any remedy can only be actioned when I'm let out - however I can procrastinate all day. :D
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    My personal answer to any such question is: back up the data NOW and replace the drive. I may waste some perfectly useful drives that way, but I reduce my chance of losing data that I want to keep. Why take the risk?

    It would take a pretty strong knock, though, to damage the drive while it is powered down.


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  2. Thanks for the reply.

    My system backs up my entire hard-drive automatically to an external everytime I log on, so long as there isn't a failure, so I'm not worried about my data - it's just that all this computer stuff is still new to me and man do I hate it when I don't know what the heck is going on.

    I believe you're right that it would take a strong knock to damage it - especially a new one - I just don't know why it's doing what it's doing. :-/ If you have any experience with such noises and what they might mean let me know.

    By the way - the HDD doesn't click. Almost every sound of HDD failures that is on the web has clicking and mine doesn't do that - it seems to spin-up like something's chasing it and gives the usual HDD spiel but about 20 times the noise it usually makes... grrr :).
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