What should i do to overclock it further ?

Well i have nvidia gt 440 gddr 5 1gb and i started overclocking it (using vtune) and i could max the memory clock without any problems , but i didnt have so much luck with the gpu/shader clock - stock is 810/1620 and i could rise it to 882/1764 only cause when i rise it more im starting to see some lights with different colors and some strange triangles around the screen when i start a game ; i readed in wikipedia that every color i see means a specific overheating problems ( and i see white, green and i think the last one was red) like gpu overheating , cards ram overheating and more .. when i rise the fan speed to 100% nothing changes (the gpu stays at 45 C ; without overclocking and rising the fan speed it was staying at 72-74 C when playing games) .. so my question is - should i buy a new fan in order to overclock further? http://www.palit.biz/palit/vgapro.php?id=1509 here is a picture of my video card (look at the fan! )
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  1. I don't think a new fan will help. The colors you are seeing are artifacts. Your temps are fine (72-74*C). Just overclock to the highest clocks you can get without the artifacts. I would overclock the gpu core first running furmark or 3dmark to test your overclock for stability, Increasing the clocks like 10mhz at a time and then testing it with a graphics benchmark until you get the artifacts then back it off. Then do the same for the memory and shaders.

    I don't think a new fan will increase your overclocking.
  2. : )

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: No. The card's graphics power isn't worth overclocking it any further. It doesn't sound like you have heat issues. You said you are manually setting the fan to 100% and the GPU is only at 45c under load. Even in the 70c-75c range, that temp is fine too. Your GPU/vRAM just isn't going to be stable over a certain clock and I think you've found that clock already. No point in going further - messing with voltage tweaking, the reward won't be noticeable performance.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/Vantec-Iceberq-Preminum-Cooling-CCB-A6C/dp/tech-data/B00170AN7M

    you can get a new heatsink. the fan on yours is small and i dont think it needs an upgrade. your heatsink can not displace heat fast enough for the faster fan speeds to affect it.
  4. i dont have any problems with the memory clock , like i sayd its maxed ; about the benchmark im using batman arkham city benchmark and for the core/shader clock- im at my limits right now 882 core and 1764 shader ( actualy the limit is somewhere between 882/1764 and 889/1778 but i rather stay with 882/1764) nagol i dont think i have so much place on my card for a fan like that ; larkspur i think you are right , thanks for the answers
  5. The main problem is that it is a low end card designed for watching videos and playing flash games. Even the Palit website calls it a HTPC card. It does not have the cooling or the higher end components necessary to overclock beyond the stock speed, at least to overclock much. I would say going from 810 to 882 is pretty decent on this level of card.

    The second issue is that is a Palit card. They are not really known for being great even with their higher end video cards. Not too long ago they got caught sending "special" cards with extra heatsinks to review sites. Heatsinks that were not available on the retail cards. I would not buy one just for that reason.
  6. well im playing batman arkham city with high settings, medium physx, fxaa anti aliance ,without dx 11 effects and with full hd resolution without a lag ( i can call it slow but i cant say its for playing flash games ... :D) and you are right about the heatsink , it was supposed to be with fan like that http://www.palit.biz/palit/vgapro.php?id=1373 (the picture of the card was with fan like that at the site of the bulgarian shop from where i bought it)
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