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Where can i find what voltage my ram is running @? I saw a place in my bios that i could SET the voltage....(it said there that default is between 1.25 and 1.8 volts, but it didnt say what my ram was running @ in real time). I wanna make sure that its running at 1.65 like its supposed to be...but if its running lower than 1.65 and i set it to 1.65...i would unnecissarily pumping extra volts into the ram...i had to manually set the ram to 1600mhz in my bios.
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  1. You are a little confused. Every motherboard has default settings called "Auto". What this means is that the RAM settings are also on "Auto". This is done so that you can operate your components safely during the first boot up.

    The flexability inherently designed is to allow consumers to adjust the settings as they see fit. You are supposed to set the RAM timing, voltage, and speed to the recommended specs given by the RAM manufacturer.
  2. What do you know about the ratings? Do they push the envelope when it comes to reliability/safety? If the dimms are rated @ 1600mhz 1.65v i should run it exactly at those settings?I've so much to learn.
  3. The timings in my bios are set correctly. What valu do i change in the bios to reflect the voltage? is it:

    QPI /DRAM Core Voltage
    IOH Voltage
    ICH Voltage
    Dram Bus Voltage
    Dram Data Ref Voltage on CHA

    you get my drift
  4. CPU-Z will show you what voltage your ram is running at, and at what speed and latencies.

    DO NOT let your ram exceed 1.65 volts, or you will cause permanent damage to your CPU.

    I suggest that you let all ram parameters default to auto. If you overclock just by raising the BCLK to moderate levels like 160, then the ram will be overclocked slightly automatically. Most likely, it will stay at the default 1.5v. Mine did. There is no real advantage to getting the ram to run at it's maximum speed. It will result in perhaps 1-2% difference in real application speed or FPS. It is not worth it to me.
  5. where in cpuz is it "supposed" to tell u the ram voltage? All i saw was the memory size
  6. jamesyboy said:
    where in cpuz is it "supposed" to tell u the ram voltage? All i saw was the memory size

    I stand a bit corrected. In the SPD section, you will see what voltages correspond to various frequencies. If your ram is operating near one of those frequencies, then you can expect that your ram is operating at that voltage.

    For the P6T, Asus has some overclocking utilities. As I recall, you can see the actual voltage in one of those displays.
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