Inspiron 530d E2160 to what CPU (upgrade)

Does anyone know what I can replace my E2160 with (for a reasonable price) on my Inspiron 530d? Would the E4500 be a reasonable upgrade and work ?
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  1. what model is your motherboard?
  2. wa1 said:
    what model is your motherboard?

    I would have no idea. Isn't it a FoxConn something?

    it will give all the info needed
  4. update bios and you should be able to run an e5200/e5300/e5400
  5. I'm not looking to break the bank, just extend my game play up to Crysis or something like that. I bought the 4670, which I understand isn't the greatest card but I heard it will play it.

    I currently am on the E2160, 1.8 GHz which "fails" on the little system stress test do dad.. thing.. (forgot the website).

    So I was thinking of getting something cheap but faster than the E2160. Also the BIOS is up to date with that on the website.

    (Lets say I wanna keep it under $100 for the CPU if I decide to upgrade.)
  6. the e5200-e5400 range from $65-$90
  7. obsidian86 said:
    the e5200-e5400 range from $65-$90

    That seems pretty cheap, although messing with the CPU makes me nervous.. I never replaced a CPU/Fan/Heatsink myself before in school.

    I was absent the day they put them in too.. just my luck.
  8. its quite easy really
  9. If u never do for yourself then u will never learn... :)
    Just like obsidian said, u will get it done before u realize it...
  10. there should be videos on youtube showing how to do it
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