Dead Motherboard and CPU ?

Hello Guys, I need help with this
I have a Clone PC here, which was randomly freezing. After the freeze I could only manualy restart.
Works fine for a while, but then freezes again

I went to try reseating the Memory, ( Forgot to unplug the pc)
when I went to re-insert the memory, the fans started to spin, and something smelled burned.
Don't know what

i know I have to unplug pc's before doing this, but since being human......I forgot
Now when I turn on the pc the fans starts spinning for 2 secs, then stops
If I keep the power button pressed in, the CPU fans keeps spinning, but pc won't turn on. As soon as I let go of the power switch, the fans stops spinning

Do I have a burned Motherboard and CPU ?
Is there anything that can be done ?
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  1. How many memory slots do you have ?
    How many memory modules do you have ?
    clear cmos by taking out battery
    Take out all ram modules and install one, not the one you shorted the m/b with.
    Stay away from the slot you might have damaged.
    See if computer will boot.
  2. 2 memory slots
    I have only 1 DDR memory module.

    I already took the Cmos battery out.

    Problem is, I don't have more memory modules of that type.
  3. notty22

    I did what u said, I tried it with 2 different RAM modules
    as soon as i plug in the PC, the fans start to run, but no booting. Harddisk doesn't spin. And the LED lights ( Power and Harddisk lights, and Mouse light) keeps blinking.

    It's probably a dead motherboard isn't it ?

    anybody know how should i bring this news to the pc owner ? :(
  4. uhh... u mean, this PC is not yours?

    Check the memory's pin and the pin on the motherboard, can u see something grayed like just after burned?
    If u still not sure what are u doing, u better bring that PC to service center...
  5. Nope, PC is not mine. I think I know a little bit what I'm doing, just not a complete expert. I've fixed several computers. But I just can't tell when a Mobo is burned or just CPU burned.
    And I don't see any grayed part on the MoBo nor Memory

    I think Imma be honest and tell the owner I did a mistake
  6. I think it's unlikely that both the motherboard and cpu are dead and according to your description, the PC did have trouble before you started to work on it.

    Someone can correct me if I am wrong but... Ram does not burn or cause other parts to burn (to my knowledge... I might still be wrong)... I know I have already turned on a pc with a stick of ram I did not insert properly and all the PC did was beep a memory error and refused to POST.

    According to me it's either the motherboard thats finished or the power supply... they are the only 2 components that can cause burning smell.

    I would strongly recommend testing with another powersupply if you have one...

    Question... What kind of computer is it ? Because if it's anything under a Pentium4 3.0Ghz or an Athlon64-3400... you can find another one used for about 100$
  7. Coolit

    The power supply is working.

    Thing is, I know it's standard procedure to unplug pc, before working on it.
    But I've done this countless times, and it never went wrong like this.

    This time, as soon as in re-inserted the RAM, the fans started to spin, and then came the smell, and the fans stopped spinning.
    After that the pc wouldn't turn on. When I press the start button, the spin for 2 secs, then stop.

    I took out the cpu, put it back in with new thermal paste,
    now when I press power button, only the fans spins.
    But harddrive doesn't spin. So PC won't boot.

    I do think it's a burned processor tho....I'mma go to the pc shop and have it checked.
  8. Oh...and it's a Pentium 4, Celeron
    It's speed is defnitly below 3.0
  9. Dont know where you are located but around here in Montreal you can find Pentium4's with 1 gig ram, 40gig drive + dvd reader, XP License for about 100$

    If your in Montreal I have one for you for less with a Radeon X850XT

    I am saying this because if the shop charges like 40$ an hour and takes 2 hours... it's a new old computer.
  10. Coolit

    I went to the shop and came back with the pc.
    The do charge like 40 buck just to have it checked. They said they will have to swap the processor, then the Mobo, and the Memory etc. ( I know that procedure.)
    I can do that myself, but the thing is, I don't have the hardwares to check it.
    And I do not live in US.

    I just wanted to know if the computer had already a hardware problem, or it was my fault that it burned.
  11. My advice is to google for used computer stores around your area, It isn't hard to find a 100$ used computer that can potentially outperform the defective one.

    If you find one, let the owner know that his computer cannot be fixed and you found a new one that works... tell him that you sell him the other one at your cost.

    80$ to 120$

    + lets say 80$ to transfer harddrive data, reinstall windows and configure everything.
  12. coollit

    thanks for the advice
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