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Bios updated need for overclocking

Alright so i really want overclock my 2500k by messing with turbo boost but every guide i read says that i have to have the latest version of my mobo bios which is the msi z68a-GD65. Im really scared of updating my mobo bios as i dont want to mess anything up. since i have no idea how to do it. I only want to overclock to about 4 to 4.5ghz with turbo boost so i dont want to do anything major. My current bios version is 23.2 and the newest is 23.6 and know of the new updates seem to have anything really important. If you guys want to taKe a look for yourself here you go Please let me know what i should do.

Thank you
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  1. Just update.No need to be scared or anything as it will only help your system.
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    Download MSI Live Update 5 under utilities.
    Works well for me.
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