SSD sata cable loose.

Hello, I have an ocz vertex 3 64GB ssd, and the sata cable will end up becoming loose and cause my system to crash (obviously) and I have to go in and re attach the sata cable each time it happens (once every two days maybe)

I have sata cables that clip, but the clip doesn't actually clip onto the connector for some reason.

So my question is, would it be safe to use electrical tape or some other adhesive to hold the cable in place?

It's not a cable issue either, I can connect the sata 3 cable to my HDD and hear the clip sound, and same with sata 2 cables, but not on my ssd
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  1. Yes.. you are at no risk by using electrical tape to secure the cable to the SSD.

    I'm still wondering why thus is happening, if the cables work on all other devices. Is there any visible damage to the connector on the SSF?
  2. If you want to use electrical tape and don't mind the looks thats ok but I wouldn't use any kind of adhesive. Even though you are hearing the click it sounds to me the sata cable is not locking for some reason and if you have tried different cables then there must be some defect with the SSD. If you bought this recently maybe you can RMA the SSD.
  3. I have the exact same problem with the exact same hd. I've tried silver tape, copper wire and now I've actually resolved to glue + wire for tension... none has worked due to materials expanding from heat. OP means the cable doesn't click on the SD while it does on his old style. I've yet to test if my latest solution works, but I'm fed up.
  4. Not sure if you solved your original problem but I solved mine by buying one of these:

    I don't really have a need to be able to pull out the harddrive as the SSD causing my problems is my System drive, but it solved the issue of the loose cable since the harddrive is firmly pushed into the contacts by the spring in the lid. The connecting cable to the motherboard is fastened to the case's own contacts, which do not have the same fault as the OCZ contacts.
  5. same problem here with the kingston hyperx 120gb SSD, the ssd case doesn't fit around the cable as the HDD do. i have to refit my cable every few hours when running rendering programs because the vibrations in the case loosen the cable. i have tried strong glue and tin-sol (plastic modelling glue) but nothing has worked. i will have to try your case solution, it looks like a perfect solution. It frustrates me that the case for the ssd doesn't suit the cable though.
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