OCZ ModXStream Pro -or- Corsair CMPSU PSU - New Build

Down to the final decision point for a new build- use HTPC, video/photo editing. CPU=AMD X3 720, MOBO= Gigabyte 785G chipset, 4GB DDR3, blu-ray, discrete graphics may come later.

Which Power Supply will offer lower noise, higher energy efficiency and reliability? User reviews inconclusive, like the single rail on the Corsair and the slightly lower price for OCZ. Corsair offers additional 50 watts.


OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
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  1. Corsair is better PSU company.
  2. At that price, I don't know that any one is better than the other.....by the way, both your links are for the OCZ.

    The Corsair HX series and the Antec Signature series are the cream of the crop. Below that, The Corsair TX series and Antec TP series are 2nd tier. I have not delved below that . The Antec TP-650 and Corsair TX-650 are $99
  3. A second for Corsair. They make better PSUs
  4. +1 for Corsair or PC Power & Cooling.
  5. Corsair hands down......
  6. Corsair it is- thank you for the feedback
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