Raid 0 - Data Recovery?

I've got a customer's pc (Dell Dimension 9200) which is equipped with a Raid 0 setup. It has apparently been throwing up random Stop Errors over the past few days and now refuses to boot into Windows, the screen eventually goes blank while attempting to start. I've tried running PC-Check but that will not run while either of the 2 disks are connected. I just get a disk read error when it tries to load. PC Check runs ok with the 2 drives disconnected (but not with only one) and has found no errors with any other hardware devices.

I'm guessing that one of the drives if faulty and from what I know of Raid 0 the data could be lost. Admittedly, I know very little about raid technologies as my customer base is home user who very rarely use it. Is my customer looking at a loss of data or can I try to recover the data in some way? And if I can't could the specialist data recovery company that I occasionally use be able to do something?

Is there no way of testing the drives in another computer or do they both have to be in a raid 0 setup?

Incidentally, I tried a repair installation (this is a XP Media Centrer pc) and that starts copying files but then the screen goes black just after the restart and that's that.

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  1. EEk!! yeah dude.. Raid 0 is a tough one.. thats the dangers of running Raid0 on a PC. From my experience - there is no way to recover data from a failed raid0 drive. Someone else here may have another idea i hope for your sake..
  2. Unless you (or he) made backups of the RAID 0 Array, then I am afraid that the data is lost.
  3. A specialty company can likely recover much of the data, but the cost is typically prohibitive.
  4. That's what I feared.. I don't know why Dell would sell a home pc (this is running XP Media Center after all..) with a Raid setup. I've never come across one in 10 years of working on computers..

    There doesn't seem much of a case for Raid 0 just to get a bit more performance compared to the downside of losing your data..

    I'm going to speak to the data recovery company I mentioned in the morning to see what they say..
  5. Aha.. I have booted from a live distro of Linux Mint and can now see and copy all the user data...

    Nothing else seemed to work but good old Linux seems to have saved the day..
  6. However, Bart's PE Disk just results in a BSOD... Very odd...
  7. You may want to ask this poster about raid restorer software.
  8. I don't think they would have a clue what I was on about, no more than they are even aware that their pc was sold with a Raid-0 setup...
  9. I see you have solved your problem, but just FYI, the following freeware should be able to rebuild a RAID from a Windows environment:

    DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software):

    Linux also has mdadm (soft RAID):
  10. Thanks, I'll make a note of that for the future..
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