Do I Need an Aftermarket Fan/Heatsink?

Hey guys, the rest of my new rig's coming tomorrow, but I was curious, did I even need to buy an aftermarket CPU Fan/Heatsink? I got an Intel i5-2400 and someone on another site said that even when overclocked, the i5-2400 won't produce enough heat to warrant an aftermarket heatsink/fan.

Here's my setup. My question is, if it's really that pointless, should I return it for a refund, or will it have some benefit to install anyway? (it costs about $27 so that'd be a nice bit of cash to get back if the CPU's not going to need the extra cooling).

Thanks for the info!
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  1. No you do not. The i5-2400 can't really overclock, so you will not have any heat issues on the stock cooler.
  2. if you overclock it to like i think 4.0 is the furthest you can then yes keep the cooler it will help. you already bought it and its not worth the hassle to return it.
  3. I don't think 4.0's an option. Maybe 3.7. You should be fine.
  4. need it? No, the stock cooler (while really small), works fairly well. The aftermarket cooler will be cooler and quieter. As noted above, you cannot OC much past the turbo boost setting on your CPU which is ~3.7GHz, which will not put out much more heat than the stock settings.

    Try the stock cooler for a few days and see if you like it. If you find that it does not suit your needs then return the 212, if not then at least you have it and can give it a go.
  5. On that cpu you can overclock four multipliers past the max turbo... So 4.1
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