I don't know what happened....

I have no idea as to what just happened but my computer just completely crashed. I opened it up to see what was going on and the only sign of power was the green indicator light on the motherboard. There's no noise or anything that I hear when I hit the power button and when I press it, absolutely nothing happens. I thought it would be a faulty power supply but I've tried to replace it twice and still has the same issues. Here's what happened: attempted to install the fiesta power supply but didn't connect the ATX12V power connector but oddly, my computer still turned on. After figuring out it has to be connected, it all went wrong and thats where all my problems started. Any ideas?
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  1. Does anything spin / turn on? Hard drive make a noise? CPU fan spin, GPU power up??

    It seems like maybe something is wrong with the motherboard. Have you tried clearing your CMOS?
  2. Nothing but the indicator light on the motherboard. No fans spinning, no nothing. I did not try clearing my CMOS yet.
  3. Reduce your configuration to a minimum system and then try to power up. That is, remove the hard drive(s), optical drive(s), all except one RAM stick. Disconnect all USB devices, keyboard, mouse, graphics card.
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