Drive clone?! this use to be simple?

I have laptop, 2.5 sata drive with windows 7 and a small swap partition on it

i want to:
1. plug this into my main computer via external USB sata (which i have)
2. make an image of the drive info (but not being restricted to partition size like the win7 backup)
3. switch the drive with the new SSD i have (less space but more than enough for whats currently on the original drive)
4. apply the image to the new drive
5. put new drive into the laptop
6. boot windows

To me this seems like the most simplistic drive cloning you could do, yet im having trouble finding a program that will let me do this?

Any ideas?

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  2. Have you looked at Acronis True Image?
  3. tecmo34 said:
    Have you looked at Acronis True Image?

    Acronis... i havnt but i will now, i tried ghost but i seem to have to install it in order to make the image (not what im looking for)

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