Need Some AMD Help

I need help with overclocking these to get more bang if you know what I mean.
here is all of my system specs:
AMD Athlon II x4 620 propus not deneb(no l3 cache :()
Xiggy Dark Knight w/ TX-3(not changing) and a scythe 110 cfm no push pull config
ocz ram cooler v2
Patriot G Series ‘Sector 5’ Edition 4GB 9-9-9-24
his hd 4850 1gb gddr3 oc to 710 core 1075 mem
apevia 500 watt and stock 330 watt
NZXT Alpha Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Open Window
case is modded to have an 80mm fan at top and no hdd cage for better airflow
fans are Scythe SY1212SL12H on side, xiggy fan that came w/ the dk, SILVERSTONE FM121 120mm
all fans are on 100% all the time
segate 7200 rpm 300gb tucked into the 3.5" bay
standard 16x cd-dvd reader writer

Help me oc this thing like crazy please, would be very much apreciated, I know how to oc but I would like to know some setting that have worked for others, this is the main reason as to why I am asking :D
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  1. Please can anyone help at all??!!!
  2. If you know how to OC, then you must know that every cpu is different. That being said, a stable config for one cpu won't necessarily work stably for another. My advice is find an OCing guide on google if you need one, read all the precautions, then start with small increments (should be explained in further detail in any decent guide).
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  4. Keep in mind that your Apevia "500W" PSU is probably only good for 350W-400W. Powering a HD4850, it may be getting hot and ready to blow.
  5. @jtt283 it runs it right now just fine and there is also as you can see another psu in the case that is 300 watts powering everything else except the cpu and graphics so that way the 500 watt is mainly for high overclocks
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