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I really don't find any information on how these CPU Coolers are builded. For example CNPS9900 Max or any complex air cooler with bended curves.

I am interested in all aspects of Air CPU Cooler making.

Especially the installation of the fins to the heatpipe and bending of the whole body.

Thank you very much,

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  1. Try looking up how they make car radiators. Same concept.
  2. Thanks
  3. Hey!

    Thank you for the reply, but I didn't find it so similar. It didn't have a heatpipe, which is my major concern in this project. And didn't have that kind of cooling fins either. Or maybe I am looking at the wrong radiators?

    Anyway I am looking forward to another replies if someone can help me.
  4. Download the heat pipes brochure from this link http://www.heat-pipes.com/index.php?sectionid=16
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