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BIOS features to disable/enable for overclocking and cooling question

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January 27, 2012 12:07:34 PM

Hi everyone!

I've asked about it already, but I wanna be sure about what I'm doing. My goal for the overclock is 240 on the base clock so the CPU will function at 3840MHz, NB Freq. 2400MHz, and memory at 1600MHz (as it should). I want to overclock especially for minimizing possible bottleneck with 2x6870 in CF. That's my system:

AMD Phenom II X4 955, C3 revision and not BE.
GA-890GPA-UD3H rev. 2.1
G.Skill ECO 4GB @1.5V, 1333MHZ, CL 7-8-7-24. (should be 1600MHz on 1.35V)

I have some features in the BIOS that I don't know if I should disable/enable/auto, and I need your opinion please. I am going to overclock with the base clock of course, and these are the things I'm talking about:
AMD C1E Support (currently on auto)
AMD K8 Cool&Quiet (I think it is currently on auto, maybe enabled but not disabled)
CPU Unlock (currently disabled, I have no idea what this is but I tried to enable it and my CPU multiplier was still locked under 16)
CPU Smart fan control (currently enabled, I can leave my fan on auto right? or there might be a problem?)
CPU NB VID control (I just don't know what this is, will I need to touch it when overclocking?)

About the cooling:
I have an Arctic Alpine 64 Pro, which is very quiet and I really like that. I have considered buying CM Hyper 212 plus ("evo"is not available in my region) but I heard it's pretty loud comparing to my current cooler or to Freezer 13 Pro that I consider too. I don't know which one to buy and will appreciate recommendations. My case is ZALMAN Z7 Plus. I want the cooler to fit of course, (for 2 more RAM sticks as well, all four will be populated), to be good enough for achieving my goal with low temperatures, and to be REALLY quiet. Suggestions for other coolers are fine, but they might not be available where I live or just expensive.

Thank you very much!!!

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a c 100 K Overclocking
January 27, 2012 2:03:04 PM

C1E and C&Q are very similar features and should remain enabled if possible. When pushing high overclocks people often need to disable at least C&Q to remain stable. You may wish to disable them while overclocking, and then enable them after and check if it remains stable (just to rule that out as an OC issue).

CPU Unlock is used to unlock cores. Many X2 and X3 CPUs from AMD are actually quad cores so some people are able to unlock them to full quads.

Smart fan just means the fan will ramp up and down based on CPU temp. You can probably adjust this manually as they don't always tell the fan to go to 100% at high temp. Either way it's nice to have the fan slow down at low temps for noise reasons.

And NB VID control means auto voltage on the NB. Since you are OCing the base clock you might want to take this into your own hands as it will need a voltage increase. I think an easy way of doing this would be to increase your base clock and reduce the CPU multiplier, then check if it's stable. If not then it's probably the NB. However, that is just an educated guess. You can probably leave it on auto.

As for a cooler, if the one you have keeps temps reasonable there's no need to upgrade.
January 27, 2012 4:01:10 PM

Thank you, that helped me a lot!
Just a few questions:
CPU NB VID is a voltage value (on default now, 1.1V). I also have NB Voltage control and I know what that is, currently on 1.3V (default as well). The NB Freq. is 2000MHz now, you believe I will have to change it's voltages for stability on 2400 MHz? If needed, I will raise the NB voltage and the CPU NB VID, but what is the safe range? I have no idea about that.

As for the cooler, my temps are very reasonable but I want to overclock and my Alpine 64 Pro is not good enough for this. I thought of these three: Freezer 13 PRO, Hyper 212 Plus, and the Mugen 3. I know the Mugen 3 is the best, but the most expensive too. You think the Freezer 13 PRO or the Hyper 212 Plus will hold the OC or I should just go with the Mugen 3?
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January 28, 2012 5:26:04 PM

Can anyone help me with the BIOS things?
I just have this question: There is CPU NB VID Voltage (which is on default, 1.1V) and there is NB Voltage (which is on default too, 1.3V). I said I am going to raise the base clock to 240 so the NB frequency will be 2400MHz.
Which one of those do I change? both? What is the maximum safe?

Thanks in advance!
a c 100 K Overclocking
January 29, 2012 4:45:18 AM

I'm not sure you'll need to look that up.

But if you're going from 2000 to 2400 I doubt it'll require changing. Try Default, if it's all good then no worries. If not, maybe someone can help. I'm not all that experienced with AMD rigs.

I suggest you make a thread with your cpu and mobo in the title so people who know those parts can help.
January 29, 2012 4:55:16 AM

Thanks, I got my answer which one to raise, found it.
When I start the OC I will make a thread, thank you!