ECC configuration....what is it?

I was running thew the menus in my BIOS and I found something under chip-set called ECC configuration, what is it and should I enable it? It has 6 settings Disabled (which is default), Basic (which I have it on now), Good, Super, Max and User. The board I have is the ROG Crosshair III Formula.
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    I'm supposing that the ECC configuration is something related to do with configuring ECC memory support or something similar - ECC RAM is mainly used in servers as it is more reliable and stable, however, it does decrease the speed performance of the computer.
  2. Yea the board supports both ECC and non-ECC registered ram. So most likley its used for the configuration of that type of memory.

    ECC Ram is normally used in servers rather then in home/gaming PC's though.
  3. OK cool I will turn it off then thanks for the heads up
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