Need Help Pls! - Error when booting new system.

I read the FAQ, and this being my 4th build overall, am pretty sure I covered all those bases correctly.

Here is my question: When I turn the power on, It shows recognition of both the HD and the Optical, but then says:

"00 USB Mass Storage Devices Connected."

"USB Device Over Current Status Detected"

"System will shut down in 15 Seconds"

I was hoping someone would have a clue as to what this is talking about.

I am running an Athlon Quad-Core with Asus MB and 4 GB of Ram. If you need more specifics as to my system build out I can post that. Thanks for all help.

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  1. well, it's pretty self explanitory the way you describe it. Your system is saying that something is attached to the USB, most likely an external hard drive, and it's drawing too much current on the USB bus. As a protection measure, it's shutting itself down. What do you have attached to your USB ports?
  2. All I have attached is a keyboard.
  3. It sounds like a possible short. Have you built the system with the motherboard outside the case on a non-conductive surface? Sometime the metal tabs on the back plate can short a USB slot.
  4. even if it is a short, why would it think it found a USB mass storage device connected?

    Do you by chance have something like a universal card reader attached to the USB headers?

    Otherwise, it's either a short, or worst case, defective board.
  5. Okay I just reread the FAQ and I may sound like a complete idiot - or maybe actually be one, but here is what I think I may have missed. I read something about the screws that go into the case before the MB goes in the case, I did not use those. The MB fit well without them and so I disregarded them, could this be the problem and the cause of the apparent short? I hope if it is I didn't hurt the MB permanently...
  6. well that certainly could do it.. I've never tried to mount a board inside a case without the standoffs.. I didn't even think it possible as it would probably mess up alignment of the peripheral cards in their slots. Sometimes cases come with most of the board stand offs in place. Definitely fix your mistake and try again. If it doesn't work then, you might have broken it.
  7. Yes, you absolutely HAVE to install the standoffs between the motherboard and case unless the case has them pre-installed. What case do you have?
  8. Here is my case:

    COOLER MASTER RC-690-KKN1-GP Black SECC/ ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

    Item #: N82E16811119137
  9. That case doesn't come with pre-installed standoffs. You need to rebuild the system using standoffs and hope for the best. Hopefully nothing was permanently damaged. :(

    I would use the READ before posting about boot problems! as you build to avoid the most common mistakes.
  10. tyvm guys
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