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can having the wrong memory for your motherboard mess up your memory. I've been having computer problem on a recent Com build and thanks to Memtest and window memory diagnostics found out my memory was going bad. THe memory has the right voltage and stuff that my motherboard ask but it isn't one that the motherboard claims to support. My motherboard has run fine the past 3 weeks but started to mess up and freeze are shut down whenever i did anything that involved memory use(like games) last week. My motherboard is a foxconn and my memory sticks are wintec memory. My motherboard can only take memory that is 1.8 volts and the wintec memory has a 1.8-1.9 volt use.

Here's a link for my motherboard from newegg:

Heres the Newegg link to the memory i bought:
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  1. The errors came up in diff adress points of my memory according to memtest 86 and windows memory diagnostic
  2. try to unplug the new RAM memoory Stick and put it in the other RAM slot u have 2 of theme!!
    (p.s remember do all actions whene pc is shutdown and power cable is out of the PSU)
  3. If steel doesn't work go to the store and return the RAM stick and says the problem and they should replace it with anew one cuz maybe the RAM stick is defected!
  4. okay, I switched the ram to the other slot and still same problems, same computer crashing and memtest 86 still picks up errors when memory is in the other slot so i Know its the memory and not the mobo. Now my question is, I want to make sure its not my motherboard doing it to the ram because of compatibility issues or something so that when i get the new ram the same thing just want happen again.
    I'm guessing if there was compatibility issues my motherboard/computer wouldn't have started up or worked to begin with. Also, the ram worked fine the first month i had it. So, bottom line is, is it okay to get the same brand, but diff stick of ram and use it, since i have to send it in to Wintec to for a replacement, im sure they will just be sending me a new stick. As long as its not the motherboard killing my ram then thats all i need to know.
  5. Test your RAM in another PC, and test your rig with another RAM.
  6. its ok if you will take the same brand but other model go for it im sure its just alittle misunderstanding
  7. Why don't you try having your RAM one at a time prior to running Mem86 test? This way Mem86 test should narrow down to whether your said RAM isn't compatible to your existing RAM or just the RAM having errors even on its only. By the way the RAM's speed such as CL** and working voltage will make a difference too. I had an experience that one stick of CL5 DDR2 RAM does not want to work well with an existing CL6 RAM, this had caused my Vista Home desktop to freeze randomly. After I swapped with ALL CL5 RAM sticks (i.e. two for dual-channel) it became all stable again. Try that as you may find the difference.
    Good luck.
  8. Hope i and OCdragon helped!
  9. Thanks for the help guys. It helped alot.
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