New graphics card for old pc

Hi, my GPU is dead and now i need a new one for my old pc, just want to play some games at 1280x1024 with decent performance,

my pc specs are:

Core 2 Duo e6400 2.13 ghz Stock
2 gb ram 667Mhz Markvision
Intel d946gzis, its crap i know, cant overclock with this mobo and only supports 2GB of ram,
550 watts power supply dont know wich brand
I was using a sapphire hd2600 pro (actually its broken, no sure why)

i'm thinking on buying a new pc but i'll be using this one till next year, so i need to replace only the GPU, my choices are:

Nvidia Geforce 7950 Gt $89
Ati Powercolor Hd4670 1gb Ddr3 $120
Zogis 9600gt 512mb $125
Ati Radeon Hd4650 1 G $105

the prices are really diferent from other countries cause i live in Ecuador, and those prices are the lowest

keep in mind the power supply, maybe i can get a 600W PSU, and i dont want to bottleneck the gpu cause of the other components.

Thanks in advance.
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    1GB on a 4650 or a 4670 is useless, it will barely use 512mb

    How much for a 9600GSO where you are at? That performs equal to a 4670 and is usually pretty cheap.

    The best option in your list is a 9600GT. If you can't get that, then go for a cheaper 512mb 4670.
  2. thanks for your reply, i cant find any 9600gso but i'll be searching for one later, maybe at the store, and do you think the 9600gt gets a better performance than 4670 at that resolution?, and maybe ill be changing my monitor to a bigger one with 1680x1050 resolution,

    im not sure the PSU can handle those video cards, what do you think?
  3. The 9600GT is a full tier above the 4670.

    Here's a good chart of GPU hierarchy:,2404-7.html
  4. thanks, i guess i'll be getting a 9600gt or a 9600gso, i hope none of them needs and special power supply
  5. HD4770 512MB

    This card has low idle power and will max out your CPU. it also has other benefits such as UVD2 for playing video and can transcode video (though current software sucks). It has DX10.1 and is compatible with the upcoming GPU accelerated FLASH plugin from Adobe which will make a HUGE difference on web pages that support it (starting in 2010).

    This is probably the best all-round card for upgrading many older computers.
  6. yeah, i am thinking in selling these cards in my country with lower prices, i would be rich in no time


    anyway im still searching for a cheaper place to buy some components.

    thanks everybody
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