Can we overclock

Toshiba L655 w/AMD P340 can it be overclocked
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  1. If there are options in the BIOS to set your own multipliers, voltages and such, then YES.
    If there are no options in the BIOS, then NO.

    Simple answer :)
  2. agree with scottimedic :)
    no overclock for your system, bios setting locked by manufacturer
  3. And even if you were to OC it, there's no way to keep it effectively cooled, and you'd end up burning something out. Sorry.
  4. Yup sadly laptops aren't exactly great platforms to overclock on, cooling is a BIG issue. Even if you can OC I don't recommend it even if this is being used as a portable desktop and is always plugged in.
  5. thank you all for your answers,am new to laptops.
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