Asus Evo and Phenom II

from the comments on Newegg, they state that

wont work without latest bios, just put together my rig and the fans on the cpu cooler and fan on the graphics card work, but im not getting anything on the screen and my mouse isn't powering up..... is this a sign that I dont have latest bios, and thus need to rma, or did I possibly not connect something correctly?
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  1. Well, that review is nearly half a year old, and I'm pretty sure if you bought your ASUS motherboard recently, it would already have been shipped the latest BIOS/a BIOS that supports the C3 revision of Phenom II 955/965. Which leads me to think that you didn't plug something in. Have you read this thread regarding problems POSTing with new builds?
  2. it was the cpu power, my power supply has the 8 pin connector that splits to a 4-pin...... I should of went through the checklist first, im a fool. Thanks for the help
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