Is it possible to install a ati and an nvidia card in an intel board

i'm currently using the intel DP45SG motherboard, with the 4870x2 grphics card. I'm currently doing some research on CUDA (nvidia related stuff) so i want to also install an nvidia card (8600gts) (cheap nvidia card ) as my motherboard has two PCI express slots. Is it possible to do so...............................i'd like to use the 4870x2 for gaming and the 8600gts for research.........................

i'm also using a 650watts powersupply

so is it possible to use the cards simultaneously through this procedure

if anyone has got an idea about this plz do share

thanx in advance
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  1. i'm not interested in cross fire or sli......................i just want to use the nvidia card (8600gts) as a research component in my system

    i'm also using windows 7 (64bit)
  2. It is possible, some people have managed to run an ATi card as the primary gaming GPU, while using an nVidia GeForce card to run PhysX. However, this can be difficult, as their can be driver conflicts, and IIRC, you'd have to use some special or custom video card drviers. Google would be your best bet.
  3. You should be able to do this if you are not doing SLI, XFire, or Physx.
  4. you can just stick them into the same board but they can't work together in tandem... you can only use the ati card or the nvidia card... can't use them both as i crossfire/sli..
  5. hey guys one more question i've just bought the nvidia geforce 210 which was quite cheap by the is it possible to enable physix while gaming on the ati can i use the nvidia card as a physix card.
  6. It's possible to do that (use an Nvidia card for dedicated PhysX with an ATI card as a main) as long as you're using Windows XP or 7. With Vista, it's my understanding that it won't let you have both sets of drivers at once. Anyway, it shouldn't be an issue for your system, but read one of the many tutorials on how to set it up correctly before you just go installing things. You may need to perform a few tweaks.

    By the way, I used to have that same exact motherboard, and it was a real piece of poo. Intel boards tend to freak out and not work if you use anything other than standard-issue components at stock settings. Even with standard parts and stock settings, you're lucky if your system is stable. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you try this and it suddenly doesn't work, don't be shocked.
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