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I have an old PC with Gigabtye Ga-6bxc Motherboard and the Sound card has given up and I can't read the make of it, can you advise a suitable replacement,
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  1. what do u mean?
    Is dead? Malfunction? Not working?
  2. Depends on your budget. Creative is the top of the pick with a new model xfi card. The crystalizer is insane for those stuck in the age of the MP3. Tons of features. There is no such thing as good support for sound cards though so its a toss up. Creative has options from around 60$ and up. The only decent card other then the creatives is probably going to be in the Asus lineup. Warning though. Asus has been using cheap Chinese parts for a long time now and has a habbit of making things that like to cook stuff. Thats ok if your looking for an applience for the kitchen but I would avoid it when shopping for computer parts..
  3. wa1 said:
    what do u mean?
    Is dead? Malfunction? Not working?

    I upgraded to Windows 98SE from 98 and added a PCI Modem, the sound card will not function with even new speakers
    I cannot get a driver as I cannot identify the card, I now would like to replace the card with an new one which will have its own
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